As children we are naturally creative, inventing endless games and activities built on imagination alone. This is not learnt. It is something innate, which we seem to be born with. It is the ability to look within to create and make sense of our world without.
At some point in most of our lives something happens and the ‘creativity’ seems to vanish. It is not announced one day, but rather there comes a time when we simply believe ourselves not to be creative. We look longingly at the inspirational writers and artists of the world and wish that we had their ‘gift’.
But what if it is there all along? Could it be that as we grow, our creativity begins to be devalued, as teachers and parents, and society at large, chide us for wasting time ‘daydreaming’ and not being ‘practical’. We are encouraged to seek ‘realistic’ solutions to life’s problems, particularly in regard to the pursuit of our livelihood, so that we may become useful citizens. And useful citizens, indeed, we become.
If we look at the world around us, everything we see is the result of creativity in one form or another. God’s great creation is the start, not the end of creating. Amazing vision held by great women and men through the ages has brought us to where we are today, in terms of technology, the arts, science, and every other form of human advancement. That this has most often occurred in spite of the resistance and ‘nay-saying’ of the masses only makes this ‘creation’ all the more amazing.
What will you ‘create’ in your life today? How will you think ‘outside the square’ to find solutions to seemingly impossible problems? The possibilities are endless if you think about it. Think about it . . .

1 thought on “Creativity”

  1. I find your writing and drawing to be awe-inspiring, and truly inspirational. Your art seems to be an expression of who you are, and how much good you offer the world. Thank you.

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