A New and Glorious Day

Dear Friend

Today as you begin your day, take a few moments to breathe deeply and feel a sense of calm deep inside, deep beneath the outer noise and chaos. Reflect on where you are right now and gently consider the events by which you are troubled or burdened today. Remember that each one is only part of the greater whole of which you too are only a part. Watch the turmoil of each gently float away.

By entering a state of flow, you will begin to draw on God’s infinite wisdom, strength and all knowing in order to respond in ways that are appropriate and edifying to all, and are far beyond your capability if you work alone. Rest in the confidence that greater forces work in you and through you.

Let go of the need to strive to achieve and succeed; let go of the need to control, and breath in all the goodness which is from God and which is a part of you. Relax and enjoy this moment, and trust while amazing things happen to you, and around you, as you embrace the positive attracting forces which are available to you.

Give thanks for all you experience and watch as this amazing day unfolds before you!

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